Acceptance versus resistance


A season is set for everything; a time for every experience under heaven(Qoheleth 3:1)


We have learned or taught ourselves to “chart out our own course”, to determine which direction to go and which not to go. We have decided which experience is good and which is not good.


We do not want to be sick; for example, and that is understandable. We do not want to lose a job or not have income or enough to eat. These are experiences we consider to be bad and so we spend a lot of time and energy resisting them.


The writer of Ecclesiastes says there is a season for everything. Actually, everything has a purpose.


Think of the seasons of the year. Some people may not like the heat and humidity of summer. (Could it be that some are already complaining?) Others may not like the cold and snow in winter. But we have learned to find joy and fulfillment despite the elements we dislike.


But then, that is the physical world and the physical experiences associated with it. The five senses – touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing – influence our perception and reaction. So does social environment.