Transformation reveals the larger picture

One way of looking at the lessons for Trinity Sunday (June 3) is through the lens of transformation. Transformation is not an end in itself, but a means, or a process, to greater things, whose achievement require the process.

While in the temple, the prophet Isaiah witnesses the heavenly court of the Lord with cherubim and seraphim’s, or angelic attendants (Isa. 6:1 -8). This is a picture beyond the physical experience, what some describe as transcendental.

The picture we see of the physical world is only a part of the whole. It is only when we remove ourselves from the sometimes overwhelming daily activities around us that we are able to see the larger, complete picture.

In the Gospel Reading – John 3:1 -17 – Jesus talks to Nicodemus about transformation, or what Christians refer to as conversion. It is all about seeing things – the world – beyond the physical experience.

Look at the things going on in your community. In Cincinnati, it is renovation of downtown, the construction of  a casino, preparations for the  World Choir Games. And yes, there is feeding of the poor and hungry. All of these are very good things.

But that is not a complete picture. Through transformation, which is beyond the physical, we can see where the whole picture is and how to get there.


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