Everyone has a story to tell

Life consists of stories: happenings, experiences, episodes and the like. Can you think of life without them? It would be bland, boring, “uneventful” with nothing to learn or teach.

We are also uncomfortable with “drama” in life or “soap opera”; nobody likes them and certainly no one welcomes tragedy. Nevertheless, they are all elements of life and living. Many great things have come out of tragedy and we have all been inspired by some families or individuals who have known a good deal of tragedy.

I look at my own life: Ministry in a rural parish on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, seminary years – as a novice and also a professor – and a one time student in an Opus Dei college in Nairobi; in Jerusalem and Jewish-Christian relations, and on and on. These are integral parts of my life.

They have transformed me and continue to influence me even as life and more experiences and events continue. These stories are not just for us. They are part of our collective human experience and transformation.

As I share my life story in these pages, I am experiencing transformation. My hope is that you do too.


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