How the world is transformed one individual at a time

 When a pebble drops into a water pond, it produces a ripple effect. A small ring forms where it falls, then widens and spreads out into wider and wider rings. That is the picture Christine Kloser portrays in her new book, Pebbles in the Pond, published by Transformation Books, May 20, 2012.

 What Christine Kloser has done in this book is to compile real life-changing stories from 46 contributors, among them, best selling authors and simply visionaries who faced and even embraced some formidable challenges and moments of trial and uncertainty in their lives.

 As a result, they discovered their calling in life, a discovery they would not have found without the life experience. At times it is in hindsight that blessing is seen in those situations which may have even terrified us.

 The contributors in the book are telling their stories because transformation extends far beyond the individual. When one life is transformed, it can lead to transformation of another life. That is the ripple effect of a pebble.

 Every single story in this book is inspiring and uplifting. The diversity of the contributors and the range of their experiences make Pebbles in the Pond a mirror of how the world can be transformed one individual at a time.


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