Don’t second guess yourself

This appears as number five on Brad’s list of 10 Commandments of Happiness, but the order is only arbitrary. Here too, I will give an illustration.

Recently, a friend recounted his experience when he stood in front of people and told of his own story of transformation. He is a young man rebuilding his life after years of addiction. In the process of recovery he has achieved some milestones, even in the eyes of those who know him.

He trained for and participated in this year’s Flying Pig Marathon, something he would not have been able to accomplish before the recovery process. He has reconnected and now has relationship with his daughter. Furthermore, he is already taking steps to go back to school and finish his education.

Standing in front of people to tell this story was almost scary to him, but he managed to do it and he was quite happy afterwards.

Ironically, after ballet classes, his six year old daughter performed, for the first time, in front of 200 people. This was the same week he gave his testimony. She told him that she was a little afraid, but not scared.

Children don’t second guess themselves and they are happier. We sometimes allow the past to haunt us.. We allow other people – and society in general –  to impose limits on our abilities. None is these will bring one happiness.



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