Live Without Regrets

This is number one on Brad’s 10 Commandments for Happiness. It is another way of saying give up all hope of a better past. Regrets stem from mistakes or lost opportunities in the past; guilt for actions or inaction in the past; thoughts of “what could have been”.

Perhaps, nothing will rob one of happiness more than living in the past.

Learn from mistakes, build on the present and look forward to the future. The present matters far more than the past; it is what you have. This compliments the last commandment we discussed: Enjoy all the little things, appreciate and be grateful for what you have regardless of what you had had or could have had.

Happiness is found in the present, not in the past.

Have a positive attitude about the present. Yes, we all may have some sweet memories of years gone buy, just don’t let them take away the joy of the present. Experience from the past – good and bad – can only help us make better judgment today, but we cannot relive them.

Make a decision today to choose the present over the past.


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