The Monkey Trial still goes on

 Back in 1994 the O.J. Simpson trial was dubbed “the trial of the century”. I suspect it was because the Monkey Trial that began on July 10, 1925 had been forgotten by popular media and television was unknown in 1925. Undoubtedly, the Monkey Trial was “one of the most famous trials in U.S history”

 The issues that prompted the trial are still entrenched in the faith community and growing stronger. The main issue was, of course, the literal interpretation of the Bible; a point that was not addressed during the trial because Judge John Raulston himself espoused literal interpretation.

 When, in 1968, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in another case citing the First Amendment, well, literal interpretation remains beyond the scope of judicial jurisdiction.

 A Nova Program on PBS has been featuring new images of space and the universe – new in the sense that they were unknown or undiscovered in biblical times. To fathom what space telescopes like Hubble reveal calls for faith in itself.

 The question I am raising is this: Would the creation narratives in Genesis still be as they are, if they were written today? With new stars being born (or created) and old ones dying and the discovery of galaxies that dwarf the earth “as center of the universe”, isn’t creation still in progress?

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