Work Towards Something Meaningful


This is number 5 on our discussion of Brad’s 10 Commandments for Happiness number 6 on his list – but again the numbering is purely arbitrary.


What is meaningful is that which is bigger than the individual’s propensity. It does not have to be a grand endeavor, but directed outside of oneself. There is, for example, a volunteer at City Gospel Mission, who, for years has shown up, at 6:30 in the morning to serve breakfast to the poor and homeless. He stands at the door to the dining hall and high fives every guest with a broad smile and a greeting: “God be in your day!”. The effect is contagious as the guests cheer up in response.


Nothing grand but warming hearts.


Happiness comes from being positive about oneself and extending that to others; aiming to influence others to have a positive outlook about themselves and life in general. Bear in mind that human beings are spiritually connected. How you feel about yourself impacts those around you in their feelings about themselves.


Be a positive influence; you will find happiness in it.



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