Keep an Open Mind

This is the last on the list of 10 Commandments for Happiness. A closer look reveals that it embodies many of the elements of the other nine “commandments”. Striving to be better, for example, entails being open minded about possibilities. Similarly with not second-guessing yourself or working towards something meaningful or even treating others the way you want to be treated.

Close-mindedness is very limiting, to say the least. Avenues for growth, adventure and even discovery – all elements of happiness – remain closed.

Recently, for example, there has been some news about the so-called “God particle” (to be discussed later) and the discovery of  new galaxies and even possibly new planets. For the close-minded these challenges to rigid formulas and belief systems can be frustrating; and frustration does not contribute to happiness.

A judgmental attitude is another element of close-mindedness which may hinder the benefits of meaningful associations and compassion towards those deemed to be different.

If one thing only were to be said about keeping an open mind, it would be that it opens up possibilities and that is a source of happiness.


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