The Olympics invoke unity of humankind

The opening of the 2012 Olympics – the 30th Olympiad of the modern games – by Queen Elizabeth II, on Friday, July 27, could not have been more expressive of the theme of unity which is the core of the games. It was moving to witness nations come together in harmony, differences aside, and in unity as equal members of the human race.

Where else would the flags of so many nations fly together in harmony, and citizens of that many nations march together as one.

Seeing Israeli athletes march on the same track with their Palestinian and Iranian counterparts is a firm demonstration of the possibilities of coexistence. Similarly, representatives from war-torn Syria appearing in the same company with newly liberated athletes from Egypt expresses the possibilities of freedom for all mankind with no oppressors or oppressed.

How about a contingent of 550 representatives of the United States in company with those of Palau, not to mention four or so of no state?

The Olympic Torch is appropriately a unifying symbol. After its journey from Greece and throughout the British Isles, it finally made its way into the Olympic Stadium to rousing cheers, The one torch was then used to light several torches which in turn merged into the one huge torch that will light during the games.

One person can indeed ignite another’s light who in turn ignites the next person and thereby create a ripple effect. That is the oneness of the human race, and the opening of the Olympics clearly demonstrated that to the fullest.

It is to be hoped that this spirit prevails throughout the games and well beyond after they conclude.


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