You can always find inspiration even in the darkest moments

One piece of advice in a long list of “things you can do to improve your life” reads, simply, “Stop watching television”.

It is only a couple of weeks ago when the major news item was the Colorado theater shooting and today there is news of another shooting in a Sikh temple in Milwaukee. Furthermore, in an election year, one does not get to hear anything uplifting on television where millions of dollars worth of advertising is spent to paint the worst possible imagery of everything.

While it is good advice to avoid exposure to negativity – and this is not suggesting being oblivious to reality – over the same period of depressing news, there have been a lot of positive and uplifting moments of television. Thank God for the 2012 Olympics taking place now.

One such moment – and there are thousands that can be cited – could be seen yesterday in the 400 metres semi-finals where Oscar Pistorius of South Africa – a double amputee- raced alongside  the finest 400 metres sprinters.

He finished last, and therefore did not qualify for the finals. But in an interview he said, “My aim was to compete in the semi-finals and I reached my goal. I could not be happier”.

What can be more inspiring? What negative picture can overshadow that? Thus, you may not want to watch television if you want to be happy, but again, you may want to watch the Olympics for uplifting.


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