Align yourself with the Universal Power

This is a different way of saying align yourself with God and God’s purpose. In an earlier discussion of the 10 Commandments for Happiness we pointed out the necessity of keeping an open mind. This is an important element as is apparent from the use of Universal Power as an alternative for God.

There is a power beyond ourselves that influences and impacts everyone’s life and destiny. Because of close-mindedness or doctrines or “truths” handed down, some aspects of the reality of the Universal Power have been denied, quashed, or even relegated to superstition and heresy.

Yet it is known that a farmer, for example, can use inner power to affect the growth of a plant or the development of an animal in the farm. Similarly, it is accepted that the moon does affect the oceans and tides – and some aspects of life of the human species also.

Imagine the transformation that is possible when we align with this Universal Power.

Tragically, society and culture have often inculcated in us a mindset of resistance and opposition, or even reversal. Working together in cooperation with the Universal Power leads to the ultimate purpose of life. It is an enjoyable and prosperous experience.

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