Discover your life purpose

It is a fact that every individual came to this world – was created – to live out a distinct and unique purpose. In scriptures, for example, Jeremiah learned that even before he was born, he had been set apart for a specific purpose (Jeremiah 1:5).

Individuals who discover their life purpose and live according to it, make an indelible impression. Actually, everyone desires to leave a mark on this world; but only those who passionately follow their life purpose do so.

In the Christian model, for example, every believer has been given a spiritual gift for the purpose of building up the one body. These gifts vary from individual to individual, but the purpose is the common good of all. One of the major elements of the spiritual gifts is that they are not for individual benefit. They point towards others.

Even the non-Christian does have a passion for something – again, as already pointed out – to make a mark on society; to make a difference.

Those who pursue their purpose find fulfillment in what they do, and in life in general.


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