Working through forgiveness and restoration


The current media obsession with the misdeeds of Prince Harry in his private life in a private time is only indicative of the western society’s penchant for sensationalism with the dark side. (So much for the slogan: What happens in Las Vegas remains in Las Vegas). We have a public that feeds and thrives on the scandals of the famous and celebrities. After all even the term “celebrity” is a western invention.

There is a lot of good things being done by millions of  ordinary and extra-ordinary people everyday. The consuming public is not interested and the media will not dish them out. In the example of Prince Harry, even his very public military service in Afghanistan is shielded in secrecy, ostensibly for security reasons!

At the bottom of this sensation with the dark side is the opportunity for glee at the other person’s ridicule and embarrassment and ultimately down-fall from grace.

Christians can learn from Jesus’ examples of working through forgiveness and restoration.  For example, when Peter denied him – three times – only a few hours  (two, may be) after declaring his readiness to die with him, Jesus did not ridicule him. (If it was today, Peter’s despicable lapse would have been top story on TMZ and on the Networks’ morning and evening shows)  On the contrary, after his resurrection, there, by the Sea of Galilee, Jesus charged Peter: “Feed my sheep…Take care of my sheep”

Yet this lesson is not grounded in Christian teaching alone. Forgiveness and restoration are principles of every form of spirituality. That is what inspires and transforms individuals, society, and the world.

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