From a small humble step to a giant leap for mankind


It was on August 5, 2012 when the Mars rover, Curiosity landed inside the planet Mars’ huge Gale Crater. Since then, not a single day has passed by without some amazing pictures and stories from the red planet, 36-62 million miles away. Back in January 2004, Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity landed on the planet, the latter still moving across the Martian terrain.

Forty three years and a month ago, Neil Armstrong became the first human being to step outside his habitat and land into another terrain. The words he uttered from the surface of the moon, “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” have remained indelible in the minds of generations.

Most pioneers do not live to see the full results of their endeavors; only future generations look back and see the humble beginning initiated by someone who simply heeded the call of life. Indeed, everyone has a mission to fulfill on earth.

Neil Armstrong accepted his call – and almost everybody who has made a remark about his death has mentioned his humility. He never sought to gain special recognition for following his life’s call. He saw himself as simply one who accepted and embraced himself, discovered his life purpose and aligned himself with the Universal or God – all elements we have emphasized repeatedly as necessary for transformation.

As we continue to be amazed by the pictures from Mars, we are also inspired to know that what seemed impossible is now possible in our own lifetime. That “one giant leap for mankind” is now happening, not a dream anymore. It is equally inspiring that Neil Armstrong lived to see the full implications of the first words uttered on the moon by a human being.

Indeed, as his family requested, whenever we look at the moon – and now even more significantly – the pictures from Mars, we should smile and give him a wink – even a salute.


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