It is no easy task


Is there a song of that title? There ought to be one or something similar. I am particularly referring to passion and optimism and their implications in everyday life.

Many people perhaps understand passion and optimism as being incidental, accidental, or momentary driven by some external factors. Thus, when those external factors cease to exist or change, passion and optimism must, of necessity,  undergo re-evaluation.

But, no; being passionate about something, being optimistic, are results of personal and individual decision. This is to say, one must make the decision to be passionate about a course or to be optimistic about something, or life in general. Nobody can make another person passionate although they can help to lead one to discover and explore.

Momentary ecstasy is not the same as optimism or passion for something. Music during church service, or a preacher’s tone can rouse emotion – and that emotion can persist for days after – but that is not necessarily passion.

I got to think about this over the past two weeks, during the political conventions.

I have always been passionate about social justice. Because of that, I have often been directed into politics, which I am not passionate about, but politics plays a rather big role in issues of social justice.

During the past two weeks, I have heard and read comments from people who say they were passionate or optimistic in the past, that their passion and optimism are not gone! Gone where? Actually they must not have been there in the first place.

I think of social justice. There has been a lot that is anything but encouraging in matters of social   justice around the globe. Think of those people who, for years, have led in advocacy for cancer research, or clean water free from chemical contamination, or fight against child labor or human trafficking.

These advocates die while their fights are still going on. It is the passion for the course that drives them on, not the rewards of their passion. One major reason why there is failure is lack of passion. Quitting is a result of lack of passion. It has been stated often enough that there cannot be success without passion.


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