Not an easy task


May be you have heard people say, “I am so disgusted, I could throw up”. Quite often this is said in reference to other people’s failures, or what the disgusted would like to call “betrayal”, “disgrace”, “shame” and the like. There are people who say King David got off easy! They “can’t stand him”.They “could throw up”.

Perhaps, throwing up is the easy part, but then, even people of faith and the spiritual are called to take the harder and tougher road.

Psalm 103:12 is a testimony of God’s mercy and forgiveness when it says, “As far as the east is from the west, so far has God removed our transgressions from us”. Forgiveness is there, freely given. Actually the problem is not with forgiveness given. The problem is accepting forgiveness.

What effect has receiving and accepting forgiveness? Then it is possible to forgive. In other words, one who does not receive and accept forgiveness cannot give forgiveness.

We read in scripture too, that “My ways are not your ways” (Isaiah 55:8-9). After almost three thousand years, King David remains unforgiven. Not by his God. But why would God forgive him? Because it is God’s nature to forgive. And unless we accept that we too are forgiven – and part of the difficulty lies in  thinking that his sins were too grievous in comparison to ours – we won’t be able to accept God’s forgiveness for him.

There are too many people in our midst, in every society, who are eternally condemned, not by their Maker, the Universe, or God, but by themselves, by their very own refusal or failure to accept the Power that is freely given. Unless we accept this Power that comes from forgiveness, we cannot fully live the life intended for us.

You know that this is really, not about King David, though he is a paradigm. This is about everyone who has offended us or those we have offended – the latter, quite often the easy side of the story. There is more on this still to come.



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