Rosh Hashanah: Reconnect, Repair, Renew


Jewish holidays signify some very deep spiritual experience not only to the followers of Judaism but also anyone who embraces spirituality of any kind. The High Holy Days, in particular, serve to remind us of who we are, our purpose and our destiny – a truly transformational experience.

Rosh Hashanah began at sundown on September 16 and continues to sunset on September 18. The ten days of High Holy Days will end with Yom Kippur which begins at sundown on September 25 to sunset September 26.

Consider some of the symbolism of  Rosh Hashanah.

First, the blowing of the shofar: In the biblical narratives, the blowing of the shofar is associated with life-changing events. Whether it was in the fall of Jericho or in the Jubilee year, the shofar was an instrument of life-changing events.

Perhaps we could look at the alarm clock as the shofar. Mine goes off at 5 every morning. Most of the time I don’t need it to wake me up, but when it goes off it reminds me of what I set out to do that day. “It is a new day”, it announces, “and there are those things you need to get to!”. For some people the alarm clock is the saddest thing of the day, but it should be the happiest thing, heralding us to all the good things, the joys and the blessings of the day ahead. Embrace the alarm clock and what it symbolizes.

The holiday foods of Rosh Hashanah are apples and honey symbolizing sweetness, health, success and good deeds. Indeed it is acknowledged that we are what we eat. Rosh Hashanah, therefore, calls us to renew and even to reconnect to conscious healthy living, positive attitudes about ourselves and others and dream and see success ahead and not failure.


5 thoughts on “Rosh Hashanah: Reconnect, Repair, Renew

  1. a very spiritual recoellction! twilight is indeed the sign that God remains here. the day has ended, yet a new one wiil soon begin. the darkness should not be feared as it is the transition between what has ended and what has yet to begin. God created twilight and dawn to to have the darkness in between them as a sign that an ending leads to a new beginning. twilight inspires us to reflect on what is about to end. dawn inspires us to embrace what is about to be. to God, there is no then ; there is only NOW ! we are incapable of grasping a pure concept of NOW . we require a starting point and ending point. twilight and dawn are His way of re-assuring us that NOW is and will be NOW if you think about it, part of the overflowing when you opened the Torah, was having a momentary view into NOW ! at that point, you received the experience of the realization thatyou are not a was you are not a will be . you are an IS ! that is God’s time. everything was. everything will be, because everything is NOW !!! you were were lucky enough to be shown!!!! and i thank you for sharing it wit me!!

  2. Hi Ron,I’m with you on not setting dates. I well rebemmer the fellow back in the eighties who predicted that the rapture would happen on Rosh Hashanah in ’88. It didn t, and he was exposed to the world as a man who denied God’s Word by claiming to know that which is hidden by God. He is almost surely a Christian, but he became misguided in that effort.I would urge you to visit my website, and perhaps purchase a copy of my book. I would also be happy to mail you a copy free of charge if you would like. I’d need the pertinent address info. When I finish here, I’ll order a copy of yours.Midnight Rising is not a book of sensationalist drivel, but a calm exposition of portions of the prophecies of Daniel and Ezekiel and John. In particular, it addresses the first beast of Rev. 13, and how we may determine his national origin. Thus we can discern the times and the seasons when we see a world-renowned peacemaker brokering a treaty between Israel and many. Dr. Earl Radmacher wrote the Foreword for Midnight Rising, and shifted a view that he had held and taught for his entire Christian career on account of this small book. he read it in one sitting, as have many others.I would be interested in engaging in a dialogue with you if you are likewise interested.Thanks,Bill Simpson

    • It is interesting how it is cmomon for Jews to crticize other Jews who are passionate about some issue within Judaism and the Jewish peope as making idolatry out of it. For example, Orthodox/religious anti-Zionists will call those who do support Zionism as supporting idolatry , as if building a state is some sort of simple thing that we shouldn’t get too wrapped up in. Similarly, we see that deep concern that Israel may face genocidal Judeophobia on the part of Ahmedinejad and his Iranian backers is dismissed the same way. Or years of indiscriminate rocket fire on Sederot and the other yishuvim of the western Negev, leading to a war meant to put a stop to it (and which was largely successful in doing so). I, for one, as a Zionist, am very glad to see the Rabbincal Assembly make such a declaration, and as an Israeli I feel very happy to know that Jews in the United States, are still standing shoulder to shoulder with us in this struggle for survival (and it is nothing short of this, in spite of what some American Jews may think). THIS, IN SPITE OF THE EFFORTS OF CERTAIN MARGINAL ELEMENTS WITHIN THE AMERICAN JEWISH COMMUNITY TO DRIVE A WEDGE BETWEEN ISRAEL AND THE AMERICAN JEWISH COMMUNITY.Shana Tova greetings to everyone from Eretz Israel.

    • Although I am not a Jew, I am subscribed to this blog beaucse I care about the plight of Jews and Palestinians.Rabbi Rosen’s words, as well as those of many here, are in accordance with what I understand the Abrahamic faiths stand about, leaving aside their outer difference, that human beings are created in the image of God, that they are by essence sacred, and that to destroy ONE life, is like destroying a whole universe.How is it possible to say we love God if we do not love human beings, His highest creation? How is it possible that ANY state, a political creation, may be more important than a single life? I refuse to believe it is God’s plan that some human beings use human lives on behalf of the spiritual rights of others, be they Jews, Christians , Muslims or whatever. That is a worldly scheme, a political agenda. There is nothing spiritual about it, just like ther is nothing spiritual about nuclear weapons, be they in the hands of Iran, the USA, China or Israel.If I were granted one wish, it would be that world leaders showed just a little of the compassion and sensibility people like Rabbi Rosen show towards humanity.Thank you.Shana Tova.Carlos Yantorno.

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