Finding Life Purpose


In a previous discussion of the ten commandments of happiness finding one’s purpose in life – and living it – was emphasized as one of the essential elements. Indeed, the whole transformational experience, which is the ultimate purpose of life and every life experience, cannot be complete until one discovers why he or she was put on this earth.

It is towards that goal that James, in this Sunday’s Second Reading (James 3:13-4:3,7-8a), asks the question: “Who is wise and understanding among you?”.The same question must have been in Jesus’ mind in the Gospel Reading (Mark 9:30-37) when he asked his disciples: “What were you arguing about on the way?”.

What is really on your mind, in other words! What is important to you? In a society saturated with so much vying for one’s attention and preoccupation, what is really important? Jesus’ disciples were arguing about who was the greatest among them the same argument in our society today.

Forbes list of the world’s and America’s wealthiest just released mentions “100 Power Women by dollars, media presence, (and) impact”. Obviously the men’s power is similarly by dollars, media presence and impact, and much more.

Whether one is among the wealthiest or the poorest, any of those elements can be one’s life purpose. But they are not all the same. In our transformational journey, we need to constantly refocus and realign ourselves to what our true purpose in life ought to be.


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