Atonement means a state of being at one


Even though my spell-checker does not recognize “at onement” that is what makes the compound word “atonement”.And even though the word –  in many people’s minds –  invokes cultic and religious implications – particularly since Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement begins today at sundown –  a state of being at one  is nevertheless the goal of every human being – secular, religious, atheist or spiritual.

It is what one needs in order to address matters of the heart, soul and mind. It is what one needs to stay focused and not be swayed in every direction thereby losing compass. It is what we need to be anchored in the life purpose for which we are on this earth.

To be healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually, there needs to be a balance, an equilibrium of body, mind and soul – that is being “at onement”.

This can happen when we accept who we are. Society, culture and environment often strive to mold and shape people into what they were not meant to be. The result is sadness, guilt, underachievement and regrets.

Being at one means authenticity, shedding off every layer of formation that does not represent who the Creator designed. In the Judeo-Christian tradition we are the image of God. That is our essence and that is what we embrace. It is the core of who we are regardless of circumstances and experiences.

Actually, those circumstances and experiences serve to direct and shape us into that Image of God. The more we are one with ourselves, with one another , with God, the Creator, with the Universal Power, then the more we find fulfillment, satisfaction and meaning in life.

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