So sure and so wrong


I have mentioned a little bit about the palmist – two different ones, actually – who, many years ago, read my palms and declared: “You have a long life, full of twists and turns”. Both times I was simply following a friend’s advice who was having his hands read and invited me, out of curiosity, to find out what the future held for me!

Brought up in a strong Christian tradition, palmistry, to me, was no more than superstition.

I did have some curiosity of my own, in the horoscopes. That too, by the way, was disdained by the church as another superstition. One day, while in college, and after an extended period of no communication with my girlfriend, I read this in the horoscopes page: “You will receive important news today. Be careful, you may lose”

That day I received a letter from my girlfriend accompanied by her most recent photograph. Excitedly I showed the picture to anybody who cared to see it, until one fellow exclaimed, “That’s…she’s my friend’s girlfriend!” His friend happened to be a person I also knew because we went to school together a few years earlier.

A long story short: I wrote to “my girlfriend” demanding an explanation. That turned out to be the last communication between us.

When we talk of messing up (read more at it can only mean not being in alignment with one’s Destiny. Whatever path that has taken, however, it is a necessary process towards realizing the highest potential in one’s Destiny.


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