Seeking alignment with Destiny


I cannot say that everything I ever planned or wanted came about, as some people can make such a claim. Indeed my life experience is punctuated more with “failures”, “mess-ups” and even contradictions than what we conventionally term “success” or “the good life”.I have touched on this in My Transformational Experience in

 At the same time, there are many good things in my life which came about without my planning for them and even without my input.

 Growing up, I had a deep desire to study outside my own country, in places like England, New Zealand and Australia. It could have been British influence, but the desire for academic achievement beyond what my young home country could give was quite strong. I never drew up a plan as to how I would achieve my heart’s desire because I did not have the material resources.

 But the desire, or the dream, never died.

 Despite the lack of concrete planning on my part, the reality of pursuing advanced studies in England came at a time when I was already considering career change. And even after the career change, I was able to do specialized studies in my new vocation, in the one place best suited for it. For there is no better place for biblical studies than Israel (St. Jerome resided in Bethlehem when he produced the Vulgate).

 Often we are so consumed with our plans and what results we want to see that we fail to notice and recognize the blessedness of just being in alignment with the Universal Power. It is good to plan. It is equally good to discover where Destiny wants us to be and where we are being led.


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