Focus on what matters

Previously, commenting on the 10 Commandments for Happiness, the following three were on the list: One, “Place Importance on the Things that Matter”, two, “Work Towards Something Meaningful”, and three, “Enjoy All the Little Things”.

This Sunday’s Gospel Reading from Mark 10:17-31 brings to mind the same thoughts.

There are so many demands on everyday living, especially in western culture that it is very easy to be caught up with so much that goes on around us and lose sight of priorities. There is, sometimes, not enough time for meditation, or relationships, or reaching into the inner self to discover the basics of our humanity.

Real strength and meaning come from within not without.

A few weeks ago I was energized by continuing messages and correspondence from my youngest daughter. It was like we were in each other’s presence even though we are thousands of miles apart. Then we started falling back again into the “busyness” of life; we slackened in our togetherness and we started feeling the void. We reminded ourselves to get back to what matters most.

No amount of material “success” or external achievements can satisfy the yearning of the inner self – our true humanity. We yearn for what is greater than us; we yearn for connection, with others and with the Universe, with the Creation, and with the Spirit within us.

The greatest reward for focusing on what matters is being fulfilled. That is a summary of Jesus’ response to Peter’s question in the Gospel.


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