Tips on how to pick yourself up and move on

For a reason or reasons I am yet to discover, I experienced some feelings of depression for some weeks extending from the week before Christmas and into the second week of the new year. It is not uncommon for many people to feel depressed during holidays. The festive mood of holidays can produce negative feelings. Lack of closeness or connection with family members or just one particular family member can also trigger unhappiness and depression.

I have been on depression medication (celexa/citalopram) for  some time now. I cannot recall how I was feeling when it was prescribed but for a while I took it because my doctor thought I needed it – after all, I have taken precautionary medications (Aspirin and Lisinopril) because of diabetes.

Eventually I asked my doctor how I could tell if or when I was depressed. One symptom she gave me – and I found that on the internet too – is lack of interest in things one is usually interested in. That was precisely what happened during those weeks. I spent most of that time in bed or indoors, lacking motivation to do anything.

One of the highlights of the week, for me, is the Men’s Bible Study at my local church on Thursday mornings. It is a feeling shared by the other 10 in the group. Because of the openness, free expression and extent of discussion we share, we feel inspired and motivated after every session.

Another highlight for me has been the 5,000 Club at my local church where every Tuesday we serve dinner to around 200 folks. As with any volunteer activity, generally, the volunteer experiences joy and blessing or inspiration more than those served. It is indeed, better to give than to receive.

There have been other areas of strength for me, including noon worship and Holy Communion on Wednesdays and Fridays.

As you can see, all these have been spiritual resources that have given me momentum to do whatever I need to do during the week. They were too, the areas that my depression affected. (I don’t like the idea that I am personalizing it as my depression).

What did I learn and what tips can I share from this experience? Find out in the next post.cropped-Victoria-Falls-013.jpg


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