7 Tips on how to pick yourself up and move on

stock-photo-17323499-france-organ-of-chambery-cathedralIronically, one of the symptoms of depression is lack of interest or ability to do almost anything at all. Yet, here I am suggesting things to do. What I am suggesting is a routine; a habit; things to practice on a daily basis as a counter  measure to the onset of depression.

Positive Influences: The people we surround influence our thinking and attitude. A positive mentality goes a long way to uplift our spirits. In my experience, the weekly Bible Study group has a tremendously profound positive influence on my perspective of life issues

The internet is also an invaluable resource of positive writers like Neale Donald Walsch, Christine Kloser, Brian Tracy, Christina Hills, Arielle Ford, and many others who – in addition to writing – also lead uplifting webinars. In my experience with depression these were God’s angels – more than medications.

The second tip is Yoga. For me, it is the first thing in the morning. It is twenty to thirty minutes of Classical Stretch, concentrating on breathing and simple stretches that allow maximum oxygen flow and opening of glands and organs. It relaxes the body and mind too. It does not have to be Yoga; any simple exercise, indoors or outdoors, is perfectly fine.

Meditation is third on my list and comes after Yoga as I begin the day. I go for anything inspirational – scripture or something like Daily Spiritual Exercises, or A Course of Chicken Soup for the Soul, or something like that. Sometimes I simply sit still, close my eyes and let the moment be. You can devise your own meditation according to your situation.

The fourth tip healthful eating. It has been said that we are what we eat. Unhealthy eating habits cannot be expected to produce positive dispositions. Now I am keeping a journal of what I eat with the goal of being intentional and accountable about my eating habits. For a diabetic like me, anyway, that is a health issue – well, everything is, in the final analysis.

Number 5, for me, comes music or the noise that goes into my ears. Classical music is always inspirational to me: Vivaldi, Handel, Haydn. Church music too, by Charles Wesley, for example. That works for me; enjoy your music of choice. Rap does not work for me, it may work for someone else.

At number 6 is what I learned to sing in primary (elementary) school: Early to bed and early to rise makes a wise man (and woman) wiser and a rich man (and woman) richer. I strive for 7 hours sleep!

Number 7 is what not to do: Watching television. It seems like television is programmed to depress. There are, of course, some positive programming on PBS, and I certainly look forward to something educational on Nova, or positively entertaining like Downton Abbey, but as a general rule, stay away from television.

Let me know what you think and any advice for my ongoing journey.


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