Connection with the soul is the beginning of the discovery of life purpose and is accompanied with passion and excitement for life

stock-photo-23289863-couple-in-lovestock-photo-20505017-kettlebell-exercisesstock-photo-2807197-good-news-travel-fastIn order to discover our purpose, the reason we are here on earth and at this moment in whatever circumstances we may be in – for there is a reason for that – we will need to connect with the soul. In order to find the passion and excitement for living, we will need to connect with the soul.

Ask yourself these questions: Am I happy and passionate about what I am doing in my life? Am I excited about going to work, or is Monday like going to Egypt? Do I experience joyful challenges in life and passion to pursue them? Am I discovering opportunities and the eagerness to follow them?

Only when we honestly answer the questions in the affirmative can we say that we have discovered our purpose for being here. Our life purpose has nothing to do with achievements or success. There are many examples of people who have achieved the goals they set to achieve. There are many who have reached the pinnacle of success – whether it is in business, career, wealth or politics only to discover their life purpose lies elsewhere.

Some people connect with their soul and discover their life purpose momentarily, while many have to be intentional and seek to connect. The momentary discovery comes in four different ways – which I list here, but my focus is on the intentional, conscious and disciplined process.

The first can be illustrated by the example of St. Paul or Martin Luther. Some momentous event shook them to self-awareness and they discovered their life purpose. From there on, they lived by the passion of that discovery.

The second is an equally momentous event that happens to someone beloved, for example death. A person close to the deceased may then be prompted to discover the true meaning of life. The third is a brush with death. A person who miraculously escapes death, for example in an accident or a terrifying illness, like cancer, may pursue discovering the true meaning of life and thereby connect to the soul.

Then there is the loss of material possession. When a person loses everything they have worked for, for example in bankruptcy or divorce, they often discover that their true life purpose is elsewhere. Through such losses, some have been able to say, “It was my worst best moment”.

I have already mentioned the fourth path, above, when the goals set are achieved and a person wonders: “Is this all there is in life?” This question may lead to connection with the soul and discovery of one’s life purpose.


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