What we notice is more important than what we see

8udine-isaiah-coalThe story of the three young women in Cleveland who were missing for a decade and now found, makes a good illustration of our second part of our “Experiencing God” discussion. This is what is amazing: a). the three were actually living in the same neighborhood from which they disappeared; b). neighbors saw things around the house where the three were “hidden” and still they were not discovered. In other words, they were “hidden in plain sight”.

The story within the story is that “what we notice is more important than what we see”.

Think of Mark’s account of the healing of the blind man in Bethsaida  (Mark 8:22-26). First, Jesus spat on the man’s eyes, put his hands on him and asked if he could see anything. Sure enough, the man saw people, “like trees walking around”. Then, once more, Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes, and there, his sight was restored. He could then see people, like people walking around.

If – and I stress, if – we want to experience God daily, we will need to be, daily, on the second stage of the illustration from the blind man in Bethsaida. We will need to notice, to be aware, to recognize. Notice how God works in the world. Not only in times of  tragedy and natural disasters – when, as pointed out earlier, we tend to seek God more intentionally – but in every situation. Notice God’s Presence in the people we encounter daily; not only those who are “godly”or like us, but also those we would not want to be associated with.

Most importantly, if we seek to experience God’ s Presence daily, we will need to notice how God works in us. I have commented on this on several points previously stressing the importance of “our stories” or life experiences. Often we see these “like trees walking around” and miss to experience God’s Presence.

See, notice, recognize, be aware: This is how to experience God’ Presence daily. :


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