It will not happen, but then it happens

Throughout human history some people have fantasized – without consciously being aware it is a fantasy – that they can control human evolution, especially those human aspirations which they do not like. In apartheid South Africa it was not uncommon for some of the Boer politicians to proclaim, “Apartheid is eternal. There will never be a Black South Africa”. Indeed most colonists saw freedom movements as futile expressions of what “will never happen”.

African countries gained independence during the decades of 60s, 70s and 80s even as strong Portuguese sentiment continued to hold to the fantasy “it will never happen” in Mozambique, Angola and Guinea Bissau. It happened; because human evolution will happen.

We can either welcome and prepare for it and actually enjoy it because human evolution is good and is part of Creation. What we call good and bad is only perception. What rules the Universe is Love and in Love there is only good.

Today we are hearing some politicians in Israel proclaim, “there will not be a Palestinian state”, as if it is in their power to prevent human evolution. Actually, no subjugation or coercion can stop human evolution. Ultimately what will happen will happen.

Sadly, we have continued to rely on the five senses in our efforts to “control” our destiny and the five sensory habitat we live in. By occupation, subjugation, coercion, and humiliation – all of which are signs of external power – we imagine we can have peace and security. In that mindset we destroy life, we demolish instead of building and yet we do not find peace and security.

Peace and security – internal, or authentic power –  come from Love. Let us embrace the evolution; we will find peace and security.


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