Being not doing

UK - London - People lying in the sun in Green Park
People lying on the grass and relaxing in the sun at Green Park, central London. This park, near to Buckingham Palace is one of the Royal Parks and is a huge draw for tourists and locals alike – symbolic of joy and peace.

Being joyful and at peace is a state of “being” in which everything around can be anything but joyful and peaceful. The circumstances and situations you may be facing may be grim, trying and challenging – even nostalgic.

Think, for a moment, of the opposite of joyful and peace: frustrations, desperation, anxiety, weariness, anger and the like. What is common here is their changing nature. Indeed, these are external attributes. Similarly, achievement, success, prestige, wealth or good health – these too are external. In addition these are social in that they pertain to individuals’ and society’s  definitions and provenance.

Being joyful and at peace is not dependent on external validations.

Pursuit of the scripted narrative will not lead to joy and peace. Similarly when we project certain outcomes, we end up frustrated when they don’t materialize or what shows up was not foreseen. We will never be in a position to foresee every eventuality. But that does not mean that joy and peace are unattainable.

See how, next.

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