Distinguish between the scripted and the authentic


Actors read and memorize scripts for the roles they play in movies. Often we hear actors crediting script writers for their (actors) success in a movie. Similarly we hear of actors who turn down some movie projects because – they tell us – the script was badly written.

Unfortunately, real life can be a series of scripts written by society and to be played by those who belong to the community. Schools, for example, hand out scripts to be acted upon throughout life. I remember my first day in boarding school. The headmaster had us sit in the dining hall for training on proper etiquette during meals: “The fork is to be held in the left hand only and the knife in the right hand. Don’t use the fork to scoop food from the plate and the spoon is for soup only and may not be inserted into the mouth!” and on and on. Mind you, none of this was learned at home.

Whatever scripts society hands down are not our authentic selves. And yet, we often live the scripted life oblivious to who we truly are. Joy and peace flows from real authenticity. The script is a façade which manifests in what is external.

To be truly joyful and at peace, strive for authenticity.

More on that.

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