Peace and joy in every situation


Since expectations are the major contributor of frustrations and disillusion and despair, does it mean that we should have no expectations? How about hard work, planning and setting goals – the trademark of what society knows to be success? Shall we just trash them?

By no means! Planning, having expectations and setting goals distinguish humans from other creatures. However, we should not be defined by the results of our hard work, goals and expectations. This is important because, unfortunately, in our society, we tend to define ourselves, and others, by what we do and what we have – or have not – achieved. How many times have you been asked – or asked someone – upon being introduced, “…and what do you do?”

We are not – nor are we diminished or enhanced by – failures, achievements or successes.  These are external attributes designed by society and not our authentic selves. Only when we align fully with our authentic selves can we find joy and peace.

Furthermore, expectations, plans and goals are just that. We will never have complete knowledge of everything that will show up. The more we are aligned to expectations and goals, the more we are prone to be frustrated because, down the line, an unexpected eventuality will show up, goals will fall short and expectations may not even be realized.

Let us therefore, learn and train ourselves to consciously accept, without resistance, whatever happens, no matter how disheartening it may be. After all, there is something of benefit in everything that happens.

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