Finding peace and joy where four values meet

Feeding the 5000

Every society promotes certain values as the ultimate guarantees for joy and happiness. Indeed, wars have been waged, and continue to be waged, in defense of such values and ethics. These values, however, are not universal. Different societies would espouse different values just as different generations’ views differ.

It is only when four basic universal, timeless and transcendental human needs are met that true joy and peace prevails. You can call these needs values or whatever term you prefer to use: the fact is that they are basic for individuals within a society and every society in general. We will look at these needs but we emphasize that pursuit of any one of them, at the expense of another or the others, will not give us fulfillment.

Seeking a balance is the key; and the balance is found at the confluence of the four values – where all four meet. Short of that is imbalance and its attendant strife, disconnect, compulsions and addictions of all sorts, indeed the prevalent malady in our contemporary society.

We will group the four values into physical, mental, spiritual and social categories.

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