How to find balance for joy and peace


The four basic and universal human needs we group into physical, mental, social and spiritual categories are complimentary for balance. It is the case for every individual as well as a society. What often happens is overemphasis of one against another in which case imbalance results. Imbalance in turn is a source of lack of joy, disillusionment, anxiety and so on.

Food, clothing, shelter, health and economic well -being are among the physical needs. Yet, when life is devoted to their pursuit at the detriment of everything else, a happy life become illusive. Money, and more money and what it can buy does not guarantee satisfaction. Nor does success or advancement at the expense of fellow human beings.

As a society we sometimes overlook the mental needs of a segment within our society – those in poverty, for example and the homeless. I am not talking of mental illness as the repercussions manifest in violent crimes and dysfunction speak for themselves. But what about the basic right for every human being to develop mentally?

Work, which involves concentration, challenge and even ability to adapt,  stimulates the brain and elevates the individual and the society we all belong to. This contributes to well-being and the possibility for joy and peace.

Just as these values or needs work together, we as a society are in this together. Fragmentation leads to imbalance, frustration and illusion.             

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