Appreciate what is and what is possible

sent-to-anyonejoyful encounters

Each one of us has a reservoir for joy and peace. It is our responsibility to find them within us. It is not anybody else’s responsibility. These become illusive when we seek them externally, quite often from other people’s validation. In so doing we relinquish the power that is already within us. At other times we give in to circumstances to define our worldview. No, we are, every one of us, responsible for shaping our own framework.

What affirmations are you giving yourself when the day begins? If you feel small, rejected, undeserving, or what have you, that is how you will be. You will isolate yourself and miss out on the possibility of connecting with wonderful people you are yet to meet. The world around you will “look” small, hostile, and unwelcoming, not because it is, but because you frame it so.

So, step out with expectation and trust. Don’t judge yourself against whatever is happening or the people you interact with, and don’t withdraw from interaction. The world is filled with so much goodness and grace you don’t want to miss out because of your attitude.

Appreciate what is and what is possible and be ready to enjoy every new day.


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