The future is now


It is fair to say that most of us are future oriented. Our drive is for the future. Preparation, planning, goals and hard work – all to ensure a predictable and consequential future. Much of this tends to be exhausting, anxiety laden and even frustrating. We are haunted by the “what if”.

Yet, there is no way of mastering the future. The NOW  is what we are certain about, but again, most of us simply drift through it, preoccupied with the future and – even worse – regretting, blaming, and wishing about the past. The saying goes: “give up hope of a better past”. That is understood, at least intellectually even as it is pervasive emotionally.

Much of our fixation into the future is a societal dynamic, passed on from generation to generation, with little, if any, individual revolt. Thus, “you cannot…”, “you should’ve…”, “if you…or you don’t…”. What we create with this mindset is apprehension or complete dread and paralysis in the NOW. Trust and confidence evaporate.

There is a possibility for some to experience their future fall in place according to plan and preparation. But what if it doesn’t; and for many, at some point, –  even for the ardent planner – unknowns crop up. How will you cope up with the NOW at that moment of truth?

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