Spiritual resources to eliminate pain


This blog’s mission is creating quality of life – what most people desire yet find to be elusive. We have demonstrated that one of the reasons for the illusion is the dichotomy between universal life principles and our quest to control or create our own realities or our own laws if you like. This is what we have learned and have developed mechanisms for its promotion.

The only way out of the illusion is to recognize and tap into what is internal. Know that  quality of life that ensures peace and joy is within each one of us.

Consider the following qualities that distinguish humans from other creatures: self-awareness, free will, conscience, and creative imagination. These make humans special and in them we find quality of life in accordance with the universal life principles.

Let’s look at each one individually, beginning with self-awareness. (We emphasize that they work together in unity, not in isolation). Self-awareness is the capacity and ability to look at yourself apart from your script. We have the past, we live in society and they influence us. Self-awareness helps us separate ourselves from the layers of life stories and societal influence.

When we practise separating ourselves from the script, we can then create the quality of life we desire, in alliance with conscience and free will. We will not see ourselves as victims of circumstances, or confined to sets of thinking and functionality but enabled to break free.

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