Further proof that reality is in the mind


Consider the two recently concluded national conventions of the two major U.S political parties. This is not politics, but they highlight what we have presented in this blog, again and again, that reality is a creation of the mind.

One convention presented a picture of a nation under siege from within and without; at the brink of economic and financial demise and a future threatened by world events. One candidate referred to a picture away from “morning in America” to “midnight in America”. The other convention portrayed a picture of possibility even in trying circumstances; a nation used to and able to face challenges, and marching on the road of accomplishments.

James Allen published a booklet in 1903 under the title: “As a man thinketh” (and today it would have been “as a man or woman thinketh”). Allen stated his purpose as to demonstrate the power of thought, particularly its application in joy and peaceful outcomes. The bible also states in Proverbs 23:7, “For as he thinks in his heart, so he is…” – (and this too applies to both man and woman)

So, what is your reality today? This goes beyond our fears and anxieties; past failures or accomplishments and even present circumstances. You can have peace and joy now or work and plan for them to appear in the future.

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  1. Hello!

    First, distinctions and perspectives are interesting, especially when they begin to interact. It’s interesting you reference the political conventions, because we covered both. It was fascinating seeing them for the first time as analysts and story tellers. Indeed, there were two distinct views of the world: one under siege, as you pointed out, and one of a promising future.

    Second, we would like to thank you for following our site. We very much appreciate it. We’re new, but we’re growing; and we appreciate having you as a reader and a follower. We are following you back and look forward to seeing your articles pop-up in our reader. And we are also looking forward to interacting with you.

    We publish culture, economics, politics, and science news and opinion everyday so hopefully we will get an opportunity to interact with you often.

    Take care and have a great day!


    TSS Staff

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