Doing differently is still no guarantee


Like me, you have probably been asked: “In hindsight, or knowing what you know now, would you have done differently?” Or, we may have mused in our thoughts what actions different circumstances would have prompted. And in some cases the answer has been affirmative, that we would have acted differently..That is because we have been informed by results or outcomes, and so our perspectives have changed.

What we need to bear in mind is the premise of the query, i.e “hindsight”.There is no hindsight until it is hindsight. At the time of decision-making there were only the circumstances then. We would have been informed by available knowledge, reason and intuition. We certainly don’t want to be reckless – or too risky – nor indecisive. And often while being cautious we may prove to be over-cautious. (Apart from politics, the now too familiar Clinton e-mail practices were probably borne of uber caution).

Since we will never have foreknowledge of the future we marshall courage to decide and act with honesty, integrity, good will and humility and be ready to accept and learn from the results, knowing that even if we would have done differently there is no guarantee that we will know a hundred percent, the outcome.

Don’t be paralyzed by indecision, act in good faith.


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