What is your response? If I told you my story you would hear…


A publisher invited readers – obviously aiming for potential authors – to share how they would complete this phrase: “If I told you my story, you would hear…”

Every person’s life is a unique story. That is why we say, we all have a story to tell. There are different ways our  stories are told.

Writers are introverts; writing is their means of telling their stories. Whether they withdraw to cabins in the Poconos or some mountains in Colorado, or reflect while trekking on some trail, they are indeed searching to understand their story, then share with readers.

When you read the blogs I pen here you get a picture of my journey – in its many and varied facets. Thus when I blog on peace and joy, faith, hope, perseverance, humility and compassion, I am actually sharing my life experience and how I view it in those lenses.

And so, everyone has a story to tell. Are you telling your story? How? What are we hearing?

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