What kind of humanity do we desire?


In a sermon recently at a local parish church, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams urged: “Whatever you do, ask yourselves, ‘what kind of humanity do you desire?”

This got me to reflect – at a personal level – on John Macmurray’s observation that “it is in and through my consciousness of other persons alone that I can know myself as a person”. We are,. as a community and as a society, a composite of individuals. The humanity in our community and in society is projected from the individual persons we are.

Think about it as we move forward in life. There is a deep desire in every human heart and we are ever in search of it. C. S. Lewis observed that that deepest desire of the human heart is joy. There are many routes in pursuit of this yearning desire of the human heart: wealth, health, fame, power, and so on.

However, Saint Augustine discovered – and we would do well to learn – that “Our Hearts are Restless Until They Rest in You” (from Confessions).

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