How to stay on course and engaged

Take a moment to think about these words of the late Israeli intellectual, Yeshayahu Leibowitz:  “A religion which has a function, which serves as a means to some other end, is not religion. From the standpoint of Jewish faith, religion, that is to say, the service of God, is itself the ultimate end…If the service of God is not recognized as the human telos, religion is meaningless…If one may talk of the function of religion in the political sphere, it is precisely in terms of its power to check the influence of the political values and to restrain patriotism and nationalistic enthusiasm. Religion forbids regard for state and nation as absolute values. If religion has a function, it is to place human’s limited values in perspective. The state has no value; it is only an instrument serving humankind and its goals”.

Perhaps you are one of those who have written off anything to do with, or related to religion. Many prefer to be spiritual but not religious. And even contemporary society as a whole, is being urged fast away from the arts and even faster from the humanities.

Well, take a moment to think about Leibowitz’s words and tomorrow I’ll share with you why his words have aroused my curiosity.


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