Audacious or reckless?


In the last post I commended Peter for attempting to walk on water – meaning making a risky choice to go where Jesus was – rather than stay in the boat, in safety, with the assurance that Jesus is in control of the chaos and the perils. There is another view we hear so often from some circles, especially where spirituality is overemphasized at the expense of social justice.

I am talking about certain approaches when interacting with those in society who are marginalized or are casualties of systems and the status quo. You may have heard, for example, phrases like “all you need is Jesus”, “if you have Jesus, everything is fine”, “try Jesus, after all everything you have tried has failed”, “the problem is, you don’t have Jesus in your life…” and so on.

With this mindset, Peter is faulted for diverting his focus from Jesus to the storm, and that is why he was sinking. This is escapism. We have responsibility, as individuals, communities and as a society to take action; to do everything necessary to alleviate the burden on the vulnerable.

That is why I am sticking with my views in the previous post. It is necessary to take a risk and get into the chaos, in the storm, not knowing what that initial step may lead to. Take risk to meet new people, go to places never been to before, try what you have never tried before. Remember that Prayer for Courage?

  •     Lord God,
  • You have called your servants to ventures of which we cannot see the ending;
  • by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown;
  • Give us faith to go out  with good courage, not knowing where we go,
  • but only that your hand is leading us, and your love supporting us;
  • Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



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