Life on the precipice

After I introduced my book to the bible study group I am part of and sent out an email, one of my friends observed that the cover page image is the iconic Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in Utah, which is also pictured on Utah license plates. He recounted his and his wife’s  visit there last October and the hikes to the park’s more than 2000 arches. He added, “the hike may be easy or very challenging…we had to be careful about which hikes we chose”.

About the Delicate Arch he wrote, “it can be seen at a distance by a short walk to a viewpoint, or also by a longer hike around the side of a mountain. One can also hike right up to the foot of the arch via a three mile trail which is described as “difficult”…having no shade, some exposure to heights, steep rock slope, and a 200 year rock ledge”. He went on, “I really wanted to make the hike, but we decided not to take the risk and took the more safe trail instead”.

My friend was curious as to why I chose the arch for the cover of my book. But that is exactly the point. I mention in the Introduction that I debated whether to have the title “Life on the Precipice” because it is the first part of the theme.

I am glad that some of you may have had similar experiences in the Arches National Park or similar terrain, in the Rockies, Smoky Mountains, the Alps, or Sahara Desert. Those experiences illumine life on the precipice which is the theme of my book. My physical examples come from the Judean Desert, Timna, the Negev and Sinai, but they all illustrate what it is to live on the precipice.

What are your experiences? Paths As Yet Untrodden will remind you of our journey together as humans.


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