Examples of humility


In yesterday’s blog I referred to extraordinarily humble people who would have been listed in a previous blog. actually those individuals are listed in chapter 2 of my revised book, Paths as Yet Untrodden. My intention was to share some highlights from that chapter, and, I guess, I went ahead of myself. In any case, I was referring to statesmen like Julius Nyerere, the late former president of Tanzania, who the New York Times described as, “an uncharacteristically humble and modest national leader”, Nelson Mandela, described in biography.com as a writer, president, civil rights activist, and “a symbol of global peace-keeping”.

I have also listed icons of non-violence, like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, as well as religious leaders like Pope Francis, archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama and advocates of social justice like Mother Teresa. There are also billionaires on the list of individuals of exemplary humility, such as Warren Buffett, Ingvar Kamprad, Amancio Ortega, Karl Albrecht, Chuck Feeney, Alexander Lebedev, Christy Walton and Tim Cook and many, many others.

Look at any of them and you will see the 4 humility traits I referred to:

1. They focus their energy on others.

2. They are driven by compassion and charity.

3. They are guided by moral compass in making decisions, and a life of acceptance and gratitude.

4. They are strong in their convictions, not weak nor self-assertive.

Now that I have corrected the record – or rather, updated the record – we will then move on to the other qualities in the next blog. By the way, I invite you to share your comments below, including, especially, any disagreements or different points of view.


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