How humility wins over the pursuit of happiness


Kid Cudi in 2010 released as a single from his debut studio album, Man on the Moon,  a song he titled, Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare). The pursuit of happiness – minus the nightmare – is one of the three unalienable rights endowed to humankind by the Creator, according to the U. S Declaration of Independence, the other two being life and liberty. Now we know that pursuing happiness may indeed end up being a nightmare. In fact, happiness is not something you pursue or work to achieve. Just imagine doing everything necessary, laying the foundation for happiness to be attained sometime in the future after you complete whatever tasks are necessary.

Futility is the right term for such an endeavor. Happiness is a state of being, not a feat to be achieved. Joy and happiness are now, in the present, not waiting in the future.

Think of what we have touched on so far regarding humility. Humility focusses on others, not oneself. Humility espouses generosity and charity. Being humble makes it possible to accept rather than resist whatever is. As a result, humility makes gratitude possible.

That’s all that is needed for happiness right now, in this moment. Focus energy from self to others. As C. S Lewis put it, “humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less”. Add to that acting with compassion, charity and generosity and be grateful for every moment of life. With that way of life you won’t need to pursue happiness. You will experience happiness everyday.

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