Seek humility and all these will be added


In my last blog I shared that happiness should not and cannot be pursued. Happiness is not a future achievement following some preparations and successes. For example, many people who think they will be happy after they find their dream job, or have made so much money, or have sent the last kid off to college and so on, may very well discover that at the end of their quest, happiness is even more elusive than when they began.

It is possible to find and enjoy happiness right now, where you are. Humility brings that about. You see, the humble are generally occupied with things bigger than themselves. That mindset deflects self-absorption, a major misery contributing factor.

I have cited specific examples in my book, Paths As Yet Untrodden, of how just a few hours a week volunteering at a homeless shelter or doing outreach ministry with neighbors living on the precipice contribute to satisfaction and fulfillment, the centerpiece of joy and happiness. As such, happiness for the humble is part of the journey, not a destination or a milestone in the future.

It is no wonder then that humility molds good leaders since they do not harbor competition or self-promotion in leadership but promote cooperation and relationship building, or what the American Psychological Association refers to as  “we-ness” or the Social Bonds Hypothesis.

And from good leaders to good employees, as an anonymous quote says, “great leaders inspire greatness in others”.

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