What are your challenges? Bring in humility.


Who does not have something they’re contending with? Poor health? Anger, or pride, or lack of trust? I believe we all have something in our lives we don’t like and would be happy to be rid of. May be we have even tried or we are still trying but it is still there. In my book, Paths As Yet Untrodden, I point out a few of my own struggles. I also cite the example of Ron, an example of gaining authority position and how anger takes from him the opportunity for happiness and joy.

As I am writing a friend from our bible study group lies in a rehab facility after she fell and broke her arm. At 92 years young she has known independent living, not relying on somebody else for everyday life, even driving to the store or to doctor appointments. Now she finds herself confined to a room in a rehab center, unsure as to how long she will be there and even more worrisome, what the future will look like after this?

I believe this would challenge any of us.

Amy Cuddy published a book with the title: Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges. 

Even if none of these examples are in your battleground,  may be you have known or have a relative struggling with substance abuse or in recovery. It is a challenge that confronts not only the afflicted but even more so those who are closest. The challenges of a dear one could very well be your challenges.

Whatever the case a version of Bob Marley’s quote says: “You never realize how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”. Being strong may itself turn out to be a challenge when it means giving up or losing control; accepting that I am not in control in this situation. In other words, humility turns out to be our strongest self when facing challenges.

Now, giving up does not mean not doing anything, as in despair. Stay tuned for more on this. In the meantime share your thoughts below or email me: joelmlay@gmail.com.



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