3 core values of wholesome living


In the course of the past few weeks I have posted a few blogs about humility. There will be more to come. I wanted to pause briefly to look at two close relatives of humility: honesty, and self-awareness.

Being humble is not fake nor pretense. It is being honest with and about oneself. It is about realizing your abilities and weaknesses. It is not self-aggrandizement but understanding your true value. Actually, all this is another way of talking about honesty and self-awareness.

Any dictionary will show synonyms of honesty to include integrity, honor, principles, trust, righteousness, right-mindedness while antonyms include false, counterfeit and fraudulent.

At a social justice/social service center in Washington DC, a longtime case manager drew up a Better Life Pyramid as a guide to wholeness. At the base of the pyramid where one must begin are the three attributes of Honesty, Humility, and Self-Awareness. Without this base any attempts to wholeness crumble.

Stay tuned for more, and in the meantime share your views here or on facebook or by email


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