Meek and weak are opposites


In a tweet to announce US isolation from the G7 communique, Trump referred to Canadian  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as being meek and weak. The implication in Trump’s claim is that the two – meek and weakness – are complimentary or even the same. Nothing can be further from truth.

Actually the opposite of meek is brash which describes Mr. Trump, and not Prime Minister Trudeau.

Brashness is a sign of weakness. During a press conference before departing from the G7 Summit, Mr. Trump asserted that all the summit leaders “smiled” at him. Smiling is a sign of cordiality not necessarily rapport. Being cordial or “friendly” in diplomatic parlance is not weakness.

And then it is said a picture is worth a thousand words. So we got a picture worth a psychology text book about body language. Psychologists have much to say about that, you may like Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on the subject.

Body Language



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