What are the realistic propositions for the present?

Now that Donald Trump is president-elect (so shocking that some are unwilling to recognize him as such) several suggestions have been shared on social media. One is for the electoral college to “elect” Hillary. This may not be a realist proposition at the moment. It may, however, open the way for future elections.

Fear is without doubt, the worst enemy. Fear must never reign. The way forward must be free of fear.

The real problem I see is not Donald Trump alone. After all – and I am not banking on the system of government – he should not find a path to dictatorship. He will need a Congress and the way it turned out, that is where I see a problem. A Congress that may not facilitate responsible checks and balances is what ought to concern those seeking some form of action.

And of course that means four years from now. Let this be a lesson to be learned hard. Something went very wrong somewhere and hatred, fear and anger were left to a manipulator of emotions while a counter message of hope was lacking. Particularly I worry about all the people – especially the young –  who choose disengagement because they believe no one is listening.

Finally – as I wrote on the home page, what kind of society do we desire? Those who catapulted anger, hatred, xenophobia, misogyny and everything negative to the top are 60 million plus of the electorate. What kind of community do we want?

What lies ahead is work toward the kind of community we desire – indeed the community we desire for the whole world.